Greek Mythology-Inspired Wing of the Asteria Announced, Launches 2021 on PC and Switch in Japan

Wing of the Asteria

Pixel and Kawagen have announced Wing of the Asteria, a side-scrolling shooter inspired by Greek mythology, for PC and Nintendo Switch.

As stated in the press release (via Value Press) and reported by Game Watch (Translation for both via Google Translate), the game is inspired by Greek mythology, where players ride a Pegasus among “beautiful scenery and majestic sounds!”

The story is focused on the moon goddess Artemis, seeking to revive her lover Orion. He was slain by Apollon, who “does not like the relationship between them.” His forces include a fire-breathing Griffon (who pulls his chariot), now guarding the coast with the Siren.

You can find images of these characters below.

Shuzilow.HA (Twinbee, Gaiapolis) will be providing character design and concept art, while Kawagen (Felios, Burning Force, and part of Bandai Namco Studios’ Sound Team) will be composing the music.

Wing of the Asteria plans to launch 2021 in Japan for Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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