Kingdom Hearts 2020 Trailer Revealed, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Debut Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road

Square Enix have revealed their plans for the Kingdom Hearts franchise in 2020, including gameplay for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road.

The Kingdom Hearts 2020 trailer (found below) details the plans for the franchise this year, interspersed with music by the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres-.

First is new content coming to Kingdom Hearts: Union χ [Cross] (coming June 22nd), along with the first gameplay of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. The game seems to use similar gameplay to Union χ [Cross]. The game’s soundtrack was also revealed to be launching in 2020.

Next, rhythm game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory was revealed. You can find more on that here.

You can find the whole Kingdom Hearts 2020 trailer below, along with individual trailers where available.

At the very beginning of the trailer we see the plans for the “series 2nd phase.” This includes the Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC, Kingdom Hearts: Union χ [Cross], and what seems to be Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. 

The image features two more unfilled boxes at the end, implying the announcement of two more games, major updates, or DLC. Each box also features a box underneath with arrows going in and out of it- possibly implying something will transfer from Kingdom Hearts: Union χ [Cross] to each subsequent game.

We also briefly see text saying “RELEASE 20200123.” Based on Japanese date structure (Year/Month/Day), this would be January 23rd, 2020. Most likely referring to when this second phase began. The “3 new stories 6 new playable characters” refers to the Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC.

Kingdom Hearts: Union χ [Cross] is available on Android, iOS, and in browser in Japan.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is coming soon to Android, and iOS.

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