Mel Winkler, Voice of Crash Bandicoot’s Aku Aku, Passed Away at 78

Mel Winkler

Mel Winkler, best known as the voice of Aku Aku in the Crash Bandicoot games, has passed away at 78.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Winkler “died peacefully in his sleep of unknown causes” on June 11th. He is survived by his two children, and four grandchildren.

Winkler’s career extends across live-action and voice acting. Best known in the mainstream for films such as Joppy in Devil in a Blue Dress, Melvin in Doc Hollywood and Coach White in Coach Carter; along with the TV series Oswald as Johnny Snowman.

In the world of voice acting, he was known for Aku Aku in Crash Bandicoot, as well as Lucius Fox in The New Batman Adventures.

A spokeswoman for his family, Courtney Benson, told the Hollywood Reporter that Winkler was “a consummate professional [who was] always willing to share his knowledge and wisdom on any given subject. His infectious smile and love for family will forever be missed. He was a giant among many.”

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Image: It Girl Public Relations (via Hollywood Reporter)

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