Sea of Craft Participating in Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, Demo Coming Soon

Sea of Craft

Wizard Games have announced that their upcoming physics-based building game, Sea of Craft, will have a demo for the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition.

Sea of Craft allows players to construct physics-based ships out of hundreds of modular parts, then set out for adventures together in the Beela South Sea. Players can team up to fight massive sea monsters, or battle each other in PVP.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

The game will have a limited time demo available as part of the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition from June 9th to June 14th.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

Sea of Craft is a realistic physics-based construction and adventure game. Hundreds of building materials and weapons to choose from, giving you infinite options for your creations. When you’re done building, take to the treacherous waves of the Beela South Sea where wild adventures and rich bounty await you. Club together with players from around the world and do battle with mysterious monsters lurking in the depths of the ocean. Battle your enemies and win untold riches!


Build unique ships and enjoy realistic simulated physics. Choose parts from nine different categories including colorful spray paints to decorate your ship. The only limit is your imagination!


Sea of Craft offers single-player gameplay where players complete carefully designed Chapters. Chapters vary in their core themes and comprise a range of challenges such as racing against the clock, destroying other ships, and reaching difficult locations.


Explore the remains of lost civilizations in an ultra-open ocean environment. Collect marvelous treasures and power up your ships. The good people of Beela are more than happy to trade with you. But don’t get ensnared by a hideous monster rising from the depths!


Great captains are not born great. They are forged in the tempering fires of competition and struggle. Create inventive new ships and strategies to outsmart and defeat your opponents. Rise to the top and become master of the high seas!


Beela is home to many seasoned navigators eager to share their wisdom and appraise the creations of others. Upload and download naval masterpieces at the Ship Expo – an open meeting place where shipwrights around the world can share their creations. Or trade freely with other friendly players at the Trading Floor.

Sea of Craft will enter Early Access in October 2020 for Windows PC, via Steam.

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