Metal Max Xeno Reborn Delayed to September 10 in Japan, Over 25 Minutes of First Gameplay Footage Revealed

Metal Max Xeno Reborn

Kadokawa Games have announced that post-apocalyptic tank RPG Metal Max Xeno Reborn has been delayed, but have shown the first gameplay footage.

The news comes via the game’s official twitter account, along with a recent livesteam. The tweet confirmed that the original release date of July 9th, was now delayed to September 10th.

The livestream, in celebration of the 29th anniversary of the Metal Max series, showed roughly 25 mins of gameplay. This is seemingly the first gameplay footage to be shown. Concept art for Metal Max Xeno Reborn 2 was also shown.

You can find the entire livestream below (or the gameplay segment here)

A remake of the 2018 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita RPG, Metal Max Xeno Reborn features a post-apocalyptic future where a super computer has brought humanity to its knees. While NOA was destroyed, its creations (SoNS) continue its mission to destroy humanity.

Players must explore wastelands and ruins cities, customizing their tank with the parts and weapons they find. Players can fight machines and mutants head-on in their tank, or sneak around on foot.

Metal Max Xeno Reborn launches September 10th in Japan on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. A western release has not been confirmed at this time.

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