Tim Sweeney: “Storage Architecture on the PlayStation 5 is Far Ahead on Anything On PC”

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has claimed that the PlayStation 5’s storage architecture is “far ahead” of anything available for PC.

After the Unreal Engine 5 Demo reveal (with the demo on a PlayStation 5), Sweeny spoke to The Verge in a press briefing. He discussed the benefits of developing for the PlayStation 5, and how he agreed with Sony’s touting that the SSD in their consoles to be “game changing.”

“We’ve been working super close with Sony for quite a long time on storage. The storage architecture on the PS5 is far ahead of anything you can buy on anything on PC for any amount of money right now. It’s going to help drive future PCs. [The PC market is] going to see this thing ship and say, ‘Oh wow, SSDs are going to need to catch up with this.’ “

Due to the growing size of games, the extra GPU horsepower afforded in the new consoles storage speed will be an important factor in game performance. The 16 GB of memory that the PlayStation 5 will support is twice what current generation consoles support.

Niche Gamer’s Take: While this may seem like Sony has some sort of “secret sauce” when it comes to the SSD inside the PlayStation 5, the likelihood that it is a very fast, but still off the shelf component. It is still very probable, with the off chance being it is something custom made by someone like Samsung, that is mostly modeled after an existing or soon to be released product.

Sony is likely to be using a custom file system that is hand tailored to NVMe style storage, and gaming workloads. However, most of the “wow factor” will be Sony giving developers the tools, and the guarantee that every PlayStation 5 owner will have access to storage this fast- not just the ones who shell out a ton of cash.

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