What the Golf? Heads to Nintendo Switch May 21 with New Two-Player Mode

What The Golf?

Triband have announced that chaotic puzzle game What the Golf? will be heading to Nintendo Switch.

Taking a physics based golf simulation, the game is soon flipped on its head- changing genres, styles, and even looser definitions of what constitutes golf. As stated in the press release, the Nintendo Switch version will also add new features.

These include a two-player Party mode, where players can compete to complete courses against one-another at the same time. The Nintendo Switch version also uses the touch screen and gyro motion controls in “select levels and also adds a few… surprises for players too.”

You can find the Release Date Announcement trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below. Editor’s Note: Some repeated text has been removed, along with bold formatting on some text.

The golf game for people who hate golf!

A silly physics-based golf parody where every golf course is a new surprising type of golf, some brilliant, others so absurd you will ask yourself: WHAT THE GOLF?

You must have a lot of questions about our vision for golf.

Why is the golfer not part of the game?

Driving range?

Home in one?

Can all ball games be reimagined as golf?

What is a First Person Golfer?

Are all Olympic Games just special case golf games?

Can you hear people golf in space?

How many balls does it take to fix golf?

How would you like some FLIPPING golf?

WHAT THE GOLF? is a silly reinvention of golf that doesn’t care too much about rules, pars, eagles, or any of that. You get to hit things and they fly away with fun physics.
It’s a goofy game that borrowed the shooting mechanic from golf but uses it for moving houses, driving cars, and golfing people.
WHAT THE GOLF has a wide range of different mini-game like levels that all have slightly different mechanics.

– Will NOT make you a better golfer
– Made by people who know NOTHING about golf
– You can golf a house!
– Or bring a car to the Driving Range

What the Golf? is available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux (all via the Epic Games Store, and Steam), iOS, and May 21st on Nintendo Switch.

Image: Steam

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