Niche Spotlight – A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986

A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986

Today’s Spotlight is A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986, a yuri visual novel by Oracle and Bone.

The game is heavily inspired by anime and Asian cinema from the ’80s, and features vibrant neon-lit visuals. The game follows the relationship between Michelle and Sam, two young women living in Hong Kong in 1986.

Dialog choices can lead to one of two different endings, and there is a point-based system that is used to unlock new scenes between the two girls. The game features over 400 hand-drawn art assets, with a soundtrack inspired by ’80s vaporware and Asian pop music. As stated in the FAQ on the official website “Adult content will be available in separate optional content patch.”

You can find the launch trailer below.

A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986 is available on Windows PC, Linux, and Mac (all via Steam) for $14.99.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986 is a visual novel game. Follow the story of Michelle and Sam, and how their chance meeting evolves into a deeper relationship. Set in vibrant Hong Kong in the year 1986, it is an original story about love, family, and culture.

A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986 is about seeking identity and meaning in a rapidly changing world where conflicting worldviews and cultures collide. Inspired by Hong Kong cinema, 80s anime, city pop, and contemporary Asian literature, A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986 is an homage to the past and a visual delight for fans of retro art and fashion.


  • A compelling romance story set in Hong Kong, 1986
  • Interactive character dialogue and two unique endings
  • Point-based system to unlock bonus scenes
  • Over 400 original and unique hand-drawn art assets, vibrant backgrounds and character art inspired by 1980s anime and media
  • Original vaporwave and 80s inspired soundtrack
  • Featuring music from Timecop1983, Crystal Cola, and Stevia Sphere

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