Cannibal Holocaust Video Game Sequel Announced, Launches November 2020


Infamous Italian director Ruggero Deodato and Fantastico Studio have announced Cannibal, the fourth entry in the Cannibal Holocaust film series- as a video game.

The 1980 movie Cannibal Holocaust by Deodato became infamous due to its violent content. The film’s premiere saw a local magistrate order the film to be seized, and Deodato arrested on obscenity charges.

Deodato was also accused of depicting real murder of humans, and animal cruelty. The latter was true, with seven animals killed during production (which Deodato later condemned).

The film is about an anthropologist leading a team find and rescue a film crew who were making a documentary on cannibal tribes of the Amazon jungle.

When an American studio attempts to broadcast the crew’s horrific footage, the anthropologist objects. Deodato stated the film was inspired by the Italian media’s coverage of the Red Brigades terrorist attacks (Wikipedia).

Now, on the 40th anniversary of the original film, Deodato and Fantastico Studio are producing Cannibal, the fourth sequel of the series.

Described as “an interactive horror graphic adventure made with Unity,” Dedato will direct and write the script. Solo Macello will provide original drawings.

Deodato explains (via press release) what drew him into making the latest installment a video game.

“Experimenting is one of the things that I consider most fundamental in this field. What really interests me is to test myself, try something new, maybe that’s also why I waited so long to return to the world of the jungle and cannibals. At the time we went to the jungle, lived with the natives, showed the public a reality that they could never have personally experienced and understood.

Today, instead there are dozens of documentaries and films that show life and nature of those places, and for me the theme had lost its appeal.

Meeting the Fantastico Studio guys offered me the opportunity to return to those atmospheres, to those themes, but trying something new: contaminating my world with the video games language is a new challenge, making the story interactive opens up many new possibilities and I hope it will also help to bring young people closer to my narrative universe.”

You can find the reveal trailer below.

Cannibal launches November 2020 for Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and unannounced mobile devices.

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