Space FPS Boundary First Gameplay Trailer, Launches 2020 on PlayStation 4


Surgical Scalpels Studio have released the first gameplay trailer for space FPS Boundary. 

In a series of blogposts focusing on indie games coming to the PlayStation 4, Surgical Scalpels Studio Producer Yongliang “CT” Cui detailed the game.

“We call our armed astronauts AO, or Astroperators, and you’ll need to think like one in Boundary,” Yongliang explains. “Movement is turned on its head in space: you have full freedom of movement and you aren’t restricted by gravity like you are in most shooters. But keep this in mind: as many possibilities as zero gravity opens up, it brings even more challenges.”

He explains how floating debris can be used as cover, or how the grappling hook can be used to quickly move around.

Characters are also designed as “multi-role combatants.” For example, Lucas can function as an Assaulter or Sniper Specialist. Each class will also possess a Tactical Ability.

For example, Assaulters can heighten their senses through a agonist shot, while Snipers have an auxiliary arm to grant a platform to stabilize shots.

“Every AO has their own active and passive ability, as well as different basic capabilities like armor or health,” Yongliang explains. “These give them their own unique roles in the harsh battlefield of space.”

The art design is also focused on “a believable world in which aerospace technology and modern military weapons are integrated together.” 

“We approached development from the perspective, ‘If man engaged in conflict in outer space, what would it look like?’ Boundary is our vision of space military operations (with some obvious artistic licence from us too, of course).”

You can find the trailer below.

Boundary launches 2020 for PlayStation 4.

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