Rogue Legacy 2 In Development, Cellar Door Games Announces

Rogue Legacy 2

Cellar Door Games have announced Rogue Legacy 2 is in development.

The first game was released in 2013, a roguelike where gold was passed on after the character died, to one of several heirs of the character that just died. These heirs have randomly generate traits, granting abilities or hindrances.

Now, Cellar Door Games has revealed (via Twitter) that the sequel is in development. They also shared some in-development screenshots, which you can find below.

Finally, Cellar Door Games revealed they would be using all staff members involved with the soundtrack for the firstĀ Rogue Legacy again. You can find a teaser for the game’s soundtrack below.

While no release date or platforms at this time of writng, one of the screenshots does show keyboard prompts. This suggests the game will at least come to Windows PC.

Rogue Legacy 2 is currently in development.

Ryan Pearson


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