Mirages of Winter Now Available On iOS

Mirages of Winter

Mirari Games have released their relaxing puzzle game Mirages of Winter on iOS.

Mirages of Winter is a short and soothing puzzle game, featuring hand-painted visuals, and a soundtrack composed with traditional Korean instruments.

You can find the trailer below.

You can find a rundown of the game (via the App Store) below:

Mirages of Winter is an adventure game about the passing of winter to spring and the link between man and nature.

Embark on a poetic journey through a beautiful island. Explore wonderful ink-painted sceneries and solve soothing puzzles. Find the five elemental essences in the world and use them to open new paths towards spring.

A firsthand experience in fully drawn interactive landscapes filled with many creatures and hidden details inspired by Taoism philosophy.

Inspiring and enchanting poems about the coming of spring and moments of harmony with nature.

Easing puzzles inspired by nature.

An original yet uplifting soundtrack composed and recorded for the Daegeum, the traditional Korean bamboo flute.

Mirages of Winter is available on iOS.

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