World of Tanks Battle Pass Available March 12

World of Tanks

Developer Wargaming has announced a Battle Pass will be coming to World of Tanks.

The free-to-play tank warfare game will be running the Battle Pass March 12th to June 10th, and numerous “seasons” thereafter.

First a player must have a Tier VI or higher tank, and enter Random Battles (bar Grand Battles). They can then earn progression points (based on XP and how well they did in the match), which unlock rewards. These include Bounty Equipment (“with the Bounty Rammer and Bounty Gun Laying Device“), Premium Account time, in-game credits, customization parts, and more.

In addition, players have two types of challenges- 45 main challenges, followed by 100 elite challenges. Elite challenges are only unlocked once the 45 main challenges are complete, offering “he chance to fight for more points, bigger rewards and even an Elite Chevron that will boast their current Battle Pass stage and in-game skills to other players.”

Players who complete the 45 mail challenges also gain a 3D style for either the Super Conqueror or the Object 277, and a commander “with enough XP to learn three extra skills/perks.” The aforementioned Super Conqueror and Object 277 are also “special vehicles” which will allow players to earn more progression points, and complete challenges faster.

Finally, players can purchase the “Improved pass” for 6,500 credits at any time, increasing the number and quality of rewards from prize pools, and the ability to purchase complete stages. In addition, players can receive the second 3D style (but only one of the two commanders).

Based on whether a player chooses the Super Conqueror or the Object 277, players will also be assigned to a team. The team with the most players will receive better rewards for the special missions after the Battle Pass season ends.

You can find the Battle Pass trailer breakdown below.

World of Tanks is available now on Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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