Unending Dusk Update Adds Templar Character

Unending Dusk

Vindicate Games have released a new update for their 2D brawler, Unending Dusk.

Update 1.40’s main focus is the addition of the Templar, a slow and powerful new melee fighter with auras that slowly damage enemies. The update also adds a ton of balance tweaks and other changes. You can read more here.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

Unending Dusk is a retro inspired beat ‘em up RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. Play solo or with up to four players and brawl your way through hordes of enemies.

Set in a desolate future, you play as an elite mercenary fighting against a dark force which has locked the Earth in a state of unending dusk. Discover and combine powerful enhancements to unleash even deadlier attacks as you battle the ultimate evil.

Cyberpunk meets beat ‘em up: Brawl your way through a post-apocalyptic future in an ever changing landscape. Randomly generated stages provide countless of hours of unique gameplay.

Customized Chaos: Make your attacks even deadlier by equipping enhancement mods and tweaking your tech tree. Swap your mod loadouts and discover new attack synergies that will make your combos bigger and better.

Play solo or with friends: Choose from distinct character classes. Fight solo or online with up to four players.

Unending Dusk is available on Windows PC via Steam.

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