GameAssistant PC Gaming Utility Releases March 2


GameAssistant Team have announced the release date for their Windows PC gaming utility, GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer.

GameAssistant markets itself as a time-saving utility that helps streamline the process of tweaking files to get better performance in your Windows PC games.

It can, among other things, disable intro videos, uncap framerates, override FOV caps, and fix other issues that would otherwise require editing a .ini file. The app currently supports 200 games.

You can find a rundown of the application (via Steam) below:

GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer is a unique program that automates games tweaking.

Simple to use, yet powerful.

It allows, depending on game, to:

  • disable startup videos
  • set modern resolutions
  • set windowed mode
  • enable anti-aliasing
  • enable or disable VSync
  • set 120 Hz / 144 Hz refresh rate of FPS limit
  • override FOV
  • increase visual quality (more detailed shadows, max anisotropic filtering)
  • disable some effects (depth of field, bloom, motion blur, chromatic aberration)
  • enable or disable mouse smoothing and acceleration
  • fix crashes, poor performance and other issues
  • enable cheats

All changes can be reverted.

Additionally some hints will be given along with cheats and link to walkthrough.

It’s a real time saver.
No need to search internet.
No need to locate config files and perform manual editing.

For things listed above to be possible program is able to:

  • modify config files (10 formats supported: from simple key = value to engine specific)
  • modify registry entries
  • modify binary files
  • set compatibility modes for executables (admin, win xp)
  • set CPU affinity
  • set process priority
  • copy files
  • remove files
  • create directories
  • extract files from archives
  • mark files as read-only
  • show formatted hints

You can also:

  • install game
  • launch game
  • kill game process
  • open config file for manual editing
  • open directory with configs
  • open directory with save games (games use so many locations!)
  • open game directory

Multiple accounts are supported (Special Edition only).

Currently about 200 games are supported.
Check forums for full list of supported tweaks for games.

It is possible to add support for more games. All you need is to write simple JSON config.
Program can download Community Pack – ZIP archive with configs.
Detailed HTML modding documentation is provided.

GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer will be available for Windows PC via Steam on March 2nd.

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