Military Shooter Escape From Tarkov Has No Plans to Add Playable Female Characters

The 2016-released military shooter Escape from Tarkov has recently gotten popular again, despite the fact that the game is still in a beta state. The newfound popularity for the game has also resurfaced an older interview, where the developers noted they have no plans to add playable women. The developer has gone on the record to reaffirm playable women are still not coming.

The interview (via wccftech) was addressed by developer Battlestate Games, because of the original comments from an employee addressing the lack of playable women. The employee suggested the lack of females was because “women can’t handle that amount of stress” and that the battlefield found in the game was a land only for “hardened men.”

Despite this, Battlestate Games has reaffirmed their stance on not adding playable female characters, noting they cannot add women as playable characters “because of game lore” and, more importantly, “the huge amount of work needed with animations, gear fitting etc.”

Battlestate Games also noted there are women in the game, they’re just in-game traders, while there are plans to add women as key parts of the main quest.

Escape from TarkovĀ is available for Windows PC in its closed beta form. If you’re looking to buy the game, you can do so via its official website.

Cody Long


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