Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark DLC Devlog- Missions, Recruitable Monsters, Guilds, Samurai Class, and More

Publisher 1c Entertainment and developer 6 Eyes Studio have posted various devlogs (developer logs) for the upcoming Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark DLC, now dubbed “Missions and Monsters”.

The devlogs were posted between November 22nd and December 20th to Steam [1, 2, 3] detailing the upcoming DLC’s features. You can read our earlier coverage on the DLC here.

The first devlog explained the DLC’s general concept:

Missions and Monsters isn’t meant as a continuation of Fell Seal’s story, but rather to extend and add to the core systems of the game, as well as add new challenges and content.

As such, the plan is to add a missions system, a guild upgrade system, recruitable monsters, a monster-taming system, monster classes, new encounters, new classes and new crafting recipes. We’re also adding large encounters that will feature a lot more combatants on each side, for putting to work more of those units you’ve been collecting.”

Missions were explained as a way for non-story units to contribute without going into battle. As you complete story missions on the map, players can send units on missions for items, EXP, AP, money (GP), and the new Company Points (CP). The mission’s success depends on the class of the “leader” sent on the mission, with a chance for a “critical success” for even better rewards. Each mission takes 30 minutes in real time.

The final devlog later confirmed both GP and CP would be spent to undertake missions, but that players would only have to spend that cost once for repeatable missions. This is to “help make GP less “trivial” to accrue and give it increased worth. And it will give CP another use apart from being used for Guild Upgrades, which will create an opportunity-cost for them.” It was also revealed 79 missions had been designed so far.

While there is a limit on how many missions you can undertake at once, this number can be increased through Guild Upgrades. Explained in the second devlog, the upgrades add various buildings to specific regions to grant bonuses for missions, patrols (non-story battles), and special effects to all regions (the latter are “considerably rarer“). You can find some of those effects below:


  • Missions take 20% less time to complete.
  • Missions award 20% more CP.
  • Missions award 2x as many components as normal.
  • One extra unit can be sent on each mission.
  • Missions award 20% more AP


  • While patrolling the region, increase the chance of meeting stray Kawa Bandits 5%
  • While patrolling the region, increase the chance of meeting stray Zotzits 5%
  • While patrolling the region, increase damage dealt by player units by 5%.
  • While patrolling the region, all deployed units will start with Renew.


  • Store prices in any store are 5% cheaper when buying.
  • Guild prices in any guild are 5% cheaper for all services costing GP.
  • Can run 1 more mission at the same time.

Each region will have a different grid size and shape, and buildings can grant bonuses to certain other adjacent buildings. All buildings are constructed with CP, and some regions even have their own special buildings for more unique effects. While still in development, there are currently 24 different upgrade buildings.

The final devlog delves into the new Samurai class. It is a base class (usable by any unit and not locked behind finding badges), described as “a mix of high-risk/high-reward abilities and passives, as well as a fairly versatile kit. They sport some interesting unique abilities to give them varied options. Samurais should be somewhat fragile in the face of taking damage, but deal fairly well with status effects, while providing high damage and utility for the team.”

While currently in development, you can find their abilities below (all names are not final):


  • Overreach: 8MP. Attack range tied to weapon. Count as a regular attack. Deals 1.2x damage and inflicts def-down on the user.
  • Meditate: 6MP. Self spell that removes all debuffs and heals 0.6x (mnd) for each debuff removed. Sets user evasion to 0% until next turn.
  • Finisher: 20MP. Attack range tied to weapon. Count as a regular attack. Deals 2.4x damage and inflicts atk-down on the user.
  • Single Out: 8MP. Range 5, single target. Inflicts def-down, res-down on the target and force them to turn towards the user.
  • Spirit Sword: 14MP. Range 1. Does 2.6x (MND) non-elemental damage to the target and inflicts int-down on the user.
  • Martial Spirit: 10MP. A small cross shape centered on the user. It deals 0.35x damage to all units around, inflicts cripple on them and forces them to face the user.
  • Blood Spirit: 8MP. Range 1. Does 0.6x damage to the target and ignores their def stat. Also inflicts bleed on the user.


  • Razor Wind: Can use with any single-target skill. Adds 6MP to the cost and changes the range to 3. Sets user evasion to 0% until the next turn. (This adds a new command, much like Double Cast).
  • Unbreakable Spirit: Being afflicted by def-down/mnd-down increases atk/int by the same amount. Being afflicted by atk-down/int-down increases def/res by the same amount.


Counter Critical: Focus: Automatically uses Defend and Focus when HP becomes critical.

Weapons: Sword
Armors: Light, Heavy

The animations for Single Out and Spirit Sword can be found below, along with the default class portrait:

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is also available on Windows PC, Linux, Mac (all via GOG, and Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In case you missed it, you can find our review here (We highly recommend it!)

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