Project Sakura Wars Details: Antagonist, Mechs, and Joint Attack Movies

New details for Project Sakura Wars have been revealed via Famitsu.

The November 21st, 2019 issue detailed anatagonist Orobo, new mechs, and joint attacks.

Orobo (Voice: Daisuke Kishio, Character design: Taito Kubo) is a superior kouma who attacked the Imperial Capital, and takes joy in cause fear and despair. He seems to have control of some sort of magic that creates illusions capable of torturing someone to death.

The villain’s mech is also revealed, the aerial-type Puppet Soldier: Arahabaki. Along with it’s giant hand/skirt armor, the mech can use Orobo’s magic and its own remote weapons to sttack Floral Division from all angles.

Another mecha that was revealed is Puppet Soldier: Kyoukotsu- a Puppet Soldier that has fused with a kouma. Its large size makes it capable of overpowering the Floral Division’s Spiricle Fighter: Mugen mechs. Its weak point is its head, ideal to strike with jump attacks after dodging.

More information was also revealed about Kaoru and Komachi, the Imperial Combat Revue’s Wind Division. They support them via transportation of Spiricle Fighters and battlefield analysis. The pair’s combat uniforms were also revealed. Ryu Gai Kaoru (Voice: Yui Ishikawa) also acts as the company’s accountant, while Ooba Komachi (Voice: Ryoko Shiraishi) acts as their merchant.

The Bond Gauge system was also given a little more detail. Depending on actions taken during mission, you can increase your friendship with other characters, raising the Bond Gauge. This in turn can improve the performance of your mechs.

Screenshots of the movies that play during joint attacks were also revealed. These moves can only be performed once per battle, and when executed play a flashback showing a precious moment between the main character and her friend. After the attack is executed, the mechs will also gain a boost to their stats for a short time.

You can find the full run-down on these below:

Sakura Amamiya: “Fated Encounter…”

The guy you met turned out to be the transfer student?! After the fated encounter, the two end up… An old shoujo manga cliche romance situation will unfold!

Hatsuho Shinonome: “It’s a Festival!”

Today is the long-awaited summer festival. Kamiyama and Hatsuho, rumbling drums in their sessions! Oisa! Oisa! It’s a festival, oisa!! This is a cool movie that gets the blood pumping.

Azami Mochizuki: “Their Mochizuki Mystery”

When ninja Azami performs a clone technique, Kamiyama also practiced it… The two of them created 100 clones altogether! It seems that you can hear a voice, “Do you know what is real?”

Anastasia Palma: “Legendary Constellations”

Kamiyama and Anastasia are stargazing at the planetarium. There’s a warm and mature mood. And the name of the constellation discovered by the pair stargazing at the legendary constellations in the sky is…

Claris: “The Moon is Beautiful…”

Kamiyama’s and Claris’ hands touch each other at they reach for a book and blush. It’s a familiar as Sakura’s story. The title of the book is a famous phrase- a Japanese translation of “I Love You” by Bungo Tsuji.


In case you missed it, you can find the character music videos for Huang Yui here, Anastasia Palmea here, Lancelot here, Azami Mochizuki here, Elise here, Hatsuho Shinonome here, and protagonist Sakura Amamiya here.

Project Sakura Wars is launching for PlayStation 4 on December 12th in Japan, and sometime next spring in North America and Europe.

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