Odin’s Blessing DLC Now Available for Niffelheim

Ellada Games have released a small DLC pack for their survival RPG, Niffelheim.

The Odin’s Blessing DLC is designed for those who want a less stressful experience as they explore the cursed realm of Niffelheim.

The DLC deemphasizes the survival and crafting elements, and makes the game overall easier and more focused on combat and dungeon exploration. Anyone who bought the game during Early Access will get the DLC for free, but everyone else will have to pay $2.99.

Here’s a rundown of the new content:

This DLC has been created especially for all those who would like to play Niffelheim in a more relaxed mode. As you can tell from the title, Odin’s blessing will be with you at all times!

Changes in the game:
1. Satiety is depleted slower
2. No bots.
3. Weaker enemies.
4. More health increase from food.
5. No durability for weapons and armor.
6. A lamp placed in a dungeon can be used for healing.
7. Multiplayer mode is supported when DLC is present.

Niffelheim is available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam for $9.99.

Frank Streva


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