PlayStation 5 Development Kit Confirmed by Codemasters Dev

The development kit for the upcoming PlayStation 5 has been discovered, and purportedly confirmed to be real.

On August 20th Dutch tech news website Let’s Go Digital reported on a Sony patent. The patent itself was filled on May 28th of this year to Brazil’s National Institute of Industrial Property, and later publicized August 13th. The designer is listed as Sony’s technical director Yusuhiro Ootori.

Let’s Go Digital would later update their article with additional images they obtained of the development kit. You can find the images below (along with the original image in the .pdf):

The proof came from Codemasters senior artist Matthew Stott, reacting to the Metro‘s coverage of the article. In a now deleted tweet (and account) Stott says:

“its a dev kit we have some in the office Sony patent shows PlayStation 5 devkit – or maybe even the console itself”

We must emphasize that development kits typically do not look like the final console. For example, here is a look at the development kit for the PlayStation 4 thanks to Dufh Oficial.

A development kit is essentially mock-up of a console or piece of hardware, allowing software to be developed for said hardware.

In case you missed it, new details of the console came out in April of this year.

Ryan Pearson


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