Oddworld: Soulstorm Will Be Exclusive to the Epic Store

Oddworld Inhabitants has announced Oddworld: Soulstorm will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

The developer confirmed the game will be exclusive to the Epic Store because the developer has been financing the game entirely by themselves, up to this point. A release is also planned for “consoles.”

Here’s their full message:

A message from Lorne (Lanning)

I would like to address the entire Oddworld community (old and new). You have supported us and our artist vision for years and we thank you.

Oddworld: Soulstorm will be coming to PC via the Epic Games store. The PC and console versions of the game will have a simultaneous release in 2020.

What I would like to do is provide you with the reasoning that went into bringing the PC version of Soulstorm to the Epic Games store as an exclusive because you deserve to know.

We’ve been financing Soulstorm 100% ourselves.

Soulstorm is our most ambitious game ever and we are committed to creating a great game that meets the highest level of quality. But to create the version of Soulstorm we want, and you deserve, we needed additional financial assistance.

Ambition is important, it pushes me to try to overachieve. What pushes me even more is my commitment to you: you deserve great games.

As an indie publisher we must evaluate partnerships that will help us achieve our goals while protecting our vision for Soulstorm and the quintology. Epic supports our goal and commitment and is willing to help us achieve them by providing us with an advance on our PC sales, and we are incredibly greatful.

Thank you for reading.

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