KoЯn is Hosting a Concert in AdventureQuest 3D

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Popular nu-metal band KoЯn is going to host a live, digital concert in a video game in a few days.

The band will play the concert on August 20th in both AdventureQuest 3D and its 2D version, AQWorlds.

Developer Artix Entertainment is promising the the concert will be “an unforgettably brutal, monster filled virtual-rock-concert”.

If you attend the digital event, loot will apparently drop randomly throughout the show.

Artix is also teasing the concert as the “grand opening of the Battle Concert Arena”. Could this mean they’re looking to bring on other metal bands? I sure hope so!

Metal bands have collaborated with video games quite a bit in the past, both with in-game concerts and even via contributing music. Blind Guardian made the theme song for The Dwarves, while also hosting a digital concert (though it wasn’t live) in Sacred 2.

Brandon Orselli


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