Capcom Asking “Resident Evil Ambassadors” to Test New Game

Capcom have begun sending invites to “Resident Evil ambassadors,” to test the next game in the horror franchise.

The ambassador program is for “Fans who enjoying sharing the latest Resident Evil information on their Blog, Twitter, Facebook or other social media.” In exchange the ambassadors “can look forward to special information regarding the series, events and campaigns.”

While an event is already scheduled for those in Tokyo, Japan on September 8th or 9th, a similar event is now coming to the US. Twitter user Patrick Copeland revealed the contents of an email he received via the ambassador program.

The event will take place in Los Angeles on September 20th or 21st, and New York on September 23rd or 24th. Those who participate must be ambassadors, and have played a Resident Evil title before.

Could this be the first makings of the teased Resident Evil 3 remake? We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Ryan Pearson


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