Love Simulation Game “LoveR” Won’t Come West if Content Needs to be Changed or Removed

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Kadokawa Games recently talked up the possibility of bringing their love simulation game, LoveR, westward – however the company’s boss noted they probably won’t release the game overseas if any content has to be changed or removed.

“We want to release LoveR as it originally was created, without any changes,” Kadokawa overseas business developer Juntaro Kouno said in an interview with Twinfinite.

He added, “If we were required to modify or alter it in any way, then the option we’d have to consider would be not to release the game in the west at all.”

Game producer Ichiro Sugiyama also explained the game’s premise a bit more, and how western audiences may get the wrong idea of what they’re trying to recreate. The game is meant to bring back memories of pure love, high school days when teens held hands and had similar experiences.

Kouno noted they’re like to bring the game westward, however to do so they’ll have to “internally discuss” the release, if they can actually release it, and most importantly – if they should. “We have to examine the content and the story of the game carefully,” he noted.

LoveR is now available for PlayStation 4 in Japan.

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