Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Announced for PC, PS4

Koei Tecmo has announced Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV in the latest Famitsu (via Ryokutya2089).

The new sequel is coming to Windows PC and PlayStation 4 sometime this winter, in Japan.

Fans can expect new features in the coming sequel, like over a thousand officers – the highest number in the series,  each of which who have their own stats and their own purpose. Some may even ignore your commands, and none are simply clones or placeholders.

There’s a single big map where several scenarios can occur, described as “lord-like” gameplay, as you can give out both military and civilian commands, all of which have been expanded upon.

There’s a new “War Front” element, which splits all of China into hexagonal tiles, and each tile can provide income to each faction. You can conquer a tile by occupying it with your troops, and there is no requirement for taking over cities. You can block enemies and their supplies by cutting off cities.

Lastly, the new sequel will let you customize each faction’s government, letting you get various unique commands and effects. The setup of the settings chart will change depending on your ruler’s ideology.

Brandon Orselli


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