Retro Shooter Project Warlock Gets Cheat Codes, New Demo

Buckshot Software have announced that cheat codes have been implemented in their retro-inspired shooter, Project Warlock.

The codes can be entered at any time in-game. Here’s the full list of codes:

  • ihet – weapons, ammo, keys, 1 upgrade point, 1 stats point, refills health and mana pools
  • ihtk – keys
  • ihats – all the spells
  • gotoeXmYY – teleports the player to a set level, where X stands for the episode (where X is a number from 1-5), and where YY stands for the map number (where YY can be any number between 01-12, with level five going up to 11 only)

The game also has a new demo based on the Artic levels, but featuring a greater variety of weapons to give potential customers a better taste of what they can expect in the full game.

Project Warlock is available on Windows PC via Steam and GOG for $12.

Frank Streva


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