Fire Emblem: Three Houses Officers Academy Trailer, Post-Launch Updates and Expansion Pass Details

Nintendo have released a new trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, along with new information about post-launch updates and the expansion path via Famitsu magazine.

Famitsu interviewed directors Toshiyuki Kusakihara and Genki Yokota. Yokota explained more about the game’s expansion pass, confirming no main story content will be in it- only side-stories and new charcters:

“The Expansion Pass is only made of side-stories. It won’t contain story content happening after the main story. We’re also planning to add new characters with it. It’ll have a lot of content, so please look forward to it.”

Yokota also confirmed the game will gain Lunatic Mode difficulty after the game’s launch:

“Besides the Expansion Pass, we are also planning to add Lunatic difficulty via a free update after launch. You will have to wait a bit for this update, but we hope experienced players will try it out.”

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is launching for Nintendo Switch on July 26th.

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