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Interstellar Rogue Gets Big 2.0 Update

Kingsguard Games have released a huge update for their sci-fi roguelite shooter, Interstellar Rogue.

The 2.0 patch adds tons of new enemies, artifacts, achievements, derelicts, and an improved tutorial. There’s also a wide range of balance tweaks, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements. You can read more about the patch here.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Interstellar Rogue is a Sci-Fi Rogue-like where you go on a one Ship mission to destroy The ultimate Robot enemy of humanity.

It’s inspired by various Retro greats such as lander, Metroid and Rogue. As you travel from one system to the next you will:

  • Land on any planet you find with your lander craft, in the style of lander! Then jump out and find loot boxes!
  • Pilot many different ships with changeable turret hard points.
  • Over 10 kinds of randomly generated mini planets to land on!
  • Loot abandoned derelict spaceships!
  • Customise your ships systems and turrets with looted (Randomly Generated) equipment!
  • Randomly generated equipment you loot for your ship has an effect on how the ship handles and works.
  • Mine Asteroids for fuel and water(oxygen)!
  • Fight against giant evil robots! and smaller ones too!
  • Find cats/Dogs and even goldfish to pet for health benefits and companionship!

Can you make all 21 jumps and destroy the mainframe?!

Interstellar Rogue is available on Windows PC via Steam for $9.99

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