Blue Protocol Character Creation and Class Information

Bandai Namco have released information regarding character creation and classes in their upcoming online action RPG Blue Protocol.

The official Japanese Twitter account has been posting footage of the game in it’s alpha state, including classes and character creation.

Character Creation

Aegis Fighter Class

This classic “sword & board” class has a balance of attack and defense, and prefers to fight in melee. The class is designed to inflict damage while not taking too much itself, and reading opponents.

Twin Striker Class

Another melee class opting for more damage with dual axes. It also comes with powerful skills.

Blast Archer Class

While keeping away from foes, Blast Archers use a high speed bow that can pierce foes and aim for weak spots.

Spellcaster Class

This class uses a staff to manipulate “Engram” into a powerful barrage of fire, ice, and electrical spells.

Blue Protocol is coming soon to Windows PC.

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