Samurai Shodown Director Rejected PC Exclusivity on “Unnamed PC Sales Platform”

Update: We have updated this article with more accurate translations.

Nobuyuki Kuroki, the director and art director for Samurai Shodown has revealed in a recent interview that there was a rejected offer on the game’s PC version being exclusive to an unnamed “PC download and sales platform.” (Translation: Google Translate)

Speaking to Korean outlet GameFocus, Kuroki revealed that a platform was offering a deal on PC exclusivity, if the game got “hundreds of thousands of pre-orders”.

This was rejected by Chairman or Chief Commander (we assume this means SNK CEO Koichi Toyama), on the basis he felt the game would sell “more than 1 million copies”.

While there is no confirmation on what platform this is, Epic Games Store has been in the public eye due to its controversial policy on exclusivity on its platform. However we must emphasize that this does not eliminate GOG, Itch.io, Steam or others from making exclusivity deals.

Samurai Shodown launches June 25th in the Americas and Europe for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the Japanese release is set for June 27th. The Windows PC and Nintendo Switch versions are planned for a release in Q4 of this year.

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