Subscription Collator “Notify” Now Available

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YouTuber and programmer Jamie Pine has announced a new application to help collate subscriptions and notifications, called simply Notify.

Developed for over one year, Notify is designed to give more control of subscription and notification feeds for various social media and content creator focused websites. Judging by promotional images these include  YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, Pintrest and more.

As well as uniting all your subscriptions and notifications in one place, the app is also designed to help counter-act subscription feeds that are unreliable. As mentioned in the FAQ “It’s also a widely known issue on platforms like YouTube to have issues with sub-boxes and notifications not being delivered. Our solution not only provides security to creators that rely financially on being able to reach their subscribers, but to the users that just want a simple list of things they’re subscribed to and the control to manage it all at a glance.”

The FAQ also explains that content creators will even be able to encourage others to use the application with special links. In an example: “When a user follows a Notify link notify.me/jamie, they’ll be directed to the relevant app store, all they need to do is hit download, and the app will set itself up, automatically subscribing to the creator that referred them. If all they want to do is get notified about that one creator, they need not create an account!”

The app plans to earn revenue are not currently “set in stone.” Initial money will be raised via crowdfunding and merchandising, with venture capital and advertising later on. The FAQ emphasizes adverts would be “nothing intrusive and we will not ever restrict control over your feed to prioritize advertisements.” Ideas of tips (similar to Twitch’s Bits) and paid subscriptions for exclusive content were also suggested as possible options.

Plans to increase the userbase are resting on word of mouth via YouTubers who wish their fans to use the service. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Notify is available now for Windows PC (via the official website), with private testing on Android and iOS.

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