Overview Trailer for Dragon Star Varnir

Idea Factory International has shared a new trailer for for Dragon Star Varnir.

Featured above, the new trailer provides a nice overview of the upcoming dragon-themed Japanese RPG, which Compile Heart developed.

Here’s a quick blurb on the trailer:

The overview trailer touches upon Zephy’s journey to lift the curse placed upon the Witches of Varneria and revisits the pillars of 3-Tiered Battles, including the Devour, Dragon Awakening, and Dragon Core Systems.

Zephy, tasked with hunting witches, soon finds his own fate intertwined with his former enemies. Fight against dragons in turn-based, midair combat, using tiers, transformations, and more to weaken them and devour their abilities! The fate of three witches is in your hands—will you choose to save them or sacrifice them to gain items and skills? Your decisions will change the course of the game!

Dragon Star Varnir is launching for PlayStation 4 on June 11th in North America and on June 14th in Europe.

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