Project Prelude Rune Social Media and Official Websites Taken Down, Cancellation Unknown

The official website and social media accounts for Square Enix’ Project Prelude Rune have been taken offline, giving rise to suspicion that the project may have been cancelled.

Linking to the official website (http://www.studioistolia.com/) now redirects to Square Enix’ website. In addition, Studio Istolia’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are now gone. Even the game’s only trailer has been removed from the official account on YouTube.

For those unfamiliar, Project Prelude Rune was an RPG announced in February 2017. It was developed by a brand new studio (Studio Istolia), headed by former Tales of series Producer Hideo Baba. The game was confirmed for PlayStation 4 in September 2018. Baba left Square Enix in April 2019. His departure combined with information about the game being quietly taken down may indicate the project has been cancelled.

We will let you know if we learn more.

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Ryan Pearson


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