Niche Early Access – Nova Drift, Neverinth, and More

This is Niche Early Access. In this column, we regularly showcase various promising games that are currently in some form of early access or development, and haven’t reached full release. Please let us know if there’s a game you want us to showcase!

After a small break, I’m back with another batch of interesting games that are currently in Early Access. Even if you don’t like buying Early Access games, be sure to still check them out and remember them when they get a full release.

Here’s this week’s batch of 5 Early Access highlights:

Nova Drift
Developer: Chimeric
Publisher: Pixeljam
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac
Price: $14.99 (Price may increase)

First up this week is Nova Drift, an arcade-inspired blend of top-down roguelite shooter and action-RPG. Your ship rapidly evolves over the course of a game session, unlocking modular upgrades that you can use to tweak its performance. The game is heavily focused on theorycrafting ship builds, and invites players to experiment with the 120 possible modules at their disposal to create unique playstyles.

The developers are aiming to stay in Early Access for around six months.

Journey of Greed
Developer: Dird Games
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac
Price: $6.99 (Price will increase)

Journey of Greed is a mix of digital TCG and board game. Up to four players explore an uncharted island in search of unimaginable riches, and must do whatever it takes to make it out alive as the wealthiest adventurer of the expedition. Everyone will have access to two decks they build with cards they gradually unlock by playing the game. One acts as a fairly standard deck of spells, abilities, and trinkets, while the other one is an island deck that can alter everyone’s plans on the fly. You can find a demo on the Steam page.

Journey of Greed is expected to remain in Early Access for approximately six months, and will gradually increase in price as development milestones are hit.

Developer: Deep Water Studio
Publisher: Play Way S.A.
Platforms: Windows PC
Price: $29.99

UBOAT is a survival sandbox sim about WWII submarine combat from the perspective of a German U-boat crew. You’ll have to manage your crew and resources during lengthy campaigns at sea, often resorting to scavenging from the wreckage of the Allied ships you sink. Accept missions from German high command and grow your reputation to gain access to the latest in U-boat technology and weaponry.

The game is set to leave Early Access sometime next year.

Developer: CreAct Games
Publisher: Another Indie
Platforms: Windows PC
Price: $15.99 (Price will increase)

If you ever felt that the Souls series would be vastly improved if it added more anime waifus, then perhaps you should take a look at Neverinth. You play as a Valkyrie, legendary warrior maidens summoned by Yggdrasill to rid the halls of Valhalla of monstrous invaders. The game features five playable Valkyries, each with a different set of skills and abilities. Players can further customize their playstyle by worshipping one of the fallen gods, unlocking new abilities and weapons as rewards for their devotion.

Neverinth will remain in Early Access for at least a year.

Developer: Butterscotch Shenanigans
Platforms: Windows PC
Price: $19.99 (Price will increase)

Finally, we come to Levelhead, a level-building platformer. The game features a challenging single player campaign, but the majority of its content comes from it’s robust in-game level editor. Build your own fiendish death labyrinths to share online, and torture yourself by playing whatever blasted hellscapes your friends created. There’s also local multiplayer that supports up to four players.

Levelhead is estimated to be done in around 6-12 months.

Did any of these games catch your attention? Are there any recent Early Access releases that we missed? Yell at us in the comments below.

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