First Look at Story Mode in Kill la Kill the Game: IF

Arc System Works has shared new gameplay for Kill la Kill: IF.

Featured above, the new 18-minute block of gameplay (via IGN) shows off the first chapter of the game’s story mode, starring Satsuki Kiryuin.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Supervised under the original scenario writer Kazuki Nakashima comes a new untold Kill la Kill story of ‘IF’s! This is *THE* Kill la Kill battle action! Experience the hot-blooded action from the original anime series in this game! Use your favorite character, and pulverize all who stand in your way! Simple controls and extravagant actions!

Key Features:

  • Kill la Kill: IF – From the makers of Dragon Ball FighterZ and the original writer of the anime, Kazuki Nakashima, comes a new action game!
  • Relive The Anime – Battle systems to relive the various heated scenes in the original anime! Replay your favourite scene to your heart’s content!
  • What IF? – At the end of the ‘First Naturals Election’, Ragyou appears in front of Satsuki instead of Nui, and triggers an entirely new storyline of this inexplicable series of events!
  • A Brand New Story – Discover this new plot through the eyes of Satsuki for the very first time as she becomes the lead of the story!
  • Manoeuvre Around the 3D Battlefield – Perform devastating combos with ease and destroy your opponents!
  • Practice Modes Galore! – Enjoy 6 different types of practices to train, from Tutorial to Covers Challenges, and learn to master your Ketsui!
  • All the Looks and Feels of the Anime – Favorite scenes from the original series revived with stunning visuals and cinematics, remodeled with 3D cell-look technology!
  • Enjoy the Ketsui Testament – In the spirit of the anime series, engage in a heated exchange of words during combat to receive massive power-ups and win the sassy battle of wits!
  • Simple Yet Engaging – In addition to basic Attack, Guard and Break, the game incorporates Evasion and Evasion Catch Attack to deepen the gameplay!

Kill la Kill: IF is launching across Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch, and PC on July 25th in Japan and on July 26th in North America and Europe.

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