Final DLC for Dead in Vinland Now Available

CCCP and Dear Villagers have just released the final DLC pack for their survival RPG, Dead in Vinland.

Norse Side Stories focuses on expanding the interactions between the game’s side characters, and includes five new personal endings, five new romances, nearly 100 pieces of dialog, and new traits and decisions based on these dialogs. The DLC costs $4.99. You can watch a trailer for the recent Switch port above.

This paid DLC is accompanied by some free content, including new romances. You can read more here.

Here’s a rundown of the new content:

I like to be in Vinland! O.K. by me in Vinland! Ev’rything free in Vinland!

The secondary characters now have more interactions with the main family, but also with each other! This DLC adds more flavour to your favourite characters, adding new intrigues and romances:

  • Nearly 100 new dialogs between secondary characters!
  • 5 new romances.
  • 5 new personals endings.
  • New decisions to make, new bonus Traits to gain, new drama to watch.

Will Lady Tomoe manage to catch the camp thief? How will Shanaw handle Angelico? Eustache and Parvaneh are plotting something too… And Gudrun… is Gudrun.

Dead in Vinland is available on Windows PC, Mac (both via Steam and GOG), and Switch for $19.99. The Steam and GOG versions are currently 50% off.

Frank Streva


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