New Metal Max Game Planned

We’ve learned the next Metal Max game is already planned.

The news comes via series creator and director Hiroshi Miyaoka and producer Juntarou Kouno. While Miyaoka said (via Twitter) that ideas, or rather crazy ideas, are being developed, looked at, and possibly tossed away – things are heating up.

Kouno also tweeted and confirmed “preparations for the next game have begun,” and that he’s working with Miyaoka, as well as development director Yusuke Tomono. He also teased that hopefully they can make an announcement “in a blazing hot season reminiscent of Dystokio (Editor’s Note: Dystokio is the setting of the series).”

The latest game in the series, Metal Max Xeno (pictured), is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4.

Brandon Orselli


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