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Rumor: Cheaper Switch Model Coming Fall 2019

A new rumor is claiming the rumored, cheaper Nintendo Switch model is coming later this year.

The new report, from Japanese outlet Nikkei (via Hachima), claims the cheaper model is coming sometime this fall. Reportedly, the new SKU is designed for portable use – however it is still dockable and playable on your television.

The report supposedly has an update on the also rumored, more powerful Switch model – which will reportedly come after the cheaper SKU is released. Nintendo is reportedly trying a multitude of changes in the overhaul of the Switch, including OS changes, improved operability and visuals, and more, according to one source.

This new report comes after the rumor from last month, which pointed to both a cheaper model and a more robust model coming as early as this summer.

Lastly, the Nikkei report claims the “Quality of Life” project late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had been running has been shut down. A prototype of a device meant to improve the quality of your sleep was supposedly in the works and nearing production quality, but was dropped prior to being properly revealed. Some folks in Nintendo have voiced their want to restart the product development, however a Nintendo official said the reason being the product line being cancelled was that it was not not a “Nintendo-esque product.”

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