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Today’s Spotlight is Papercraft, a mixture of roguelite and digital board game by Chinese indie developer Overture and published by Shenzhen Tanyu Interactive Entertainment.

Papercraft is a game within a game, where you compete against the Queen in an adventure board game. Within the board game you’ll explore procedurally generated maps, acquire cards and loot, and fight strategic turn-based battles against enemies. Outside of the game, you’ll watch the story unfold via papercraft cutscenes and conversations. You can watch a trailer above.

Papercraft is available on Windows PC via Steam for $17.99.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

In Papercraft, you will play the protagonist in a virtual fantasy world within a boardgame which you are playing against the Queen in the reality. You solve mysteries inside and outside the game through step by step battles and explorations, weaving your own story and ending.

Key Features:

  • Combined with TBS and DBG; Tactical joys in different dimensions – Papercraft is an independent game that beautifully combines Rouguelike, TBS and DBG elements. Heroes from legends holding different cards battle in TBS style. How to play the game is entirely up to you.
  • Fresh and lovely cartoonish style; Stories weaved with reality and virtuality – Papercraft adopts a popular, fresh and lovely cartoonish style. The story of Papercraft is like a fairy tale that you are immersed in, with a pop-up book narrating the prologue to each adventure. Along with the story, The Reality is acted out in boardgame-like scenes, while the paper cut-out characters of the The Virtuality interact with the real player, intertwining the two Papercraft realms in a unique three-dimensional atmosphere.
  • Roguelike brings you the fresh and new gaming experience in every adventure – The game combines Rouguelike, TBS and DBG elements to create a new combat format. You can start an adventure anytime. Different maps, seasons, numerous enemies, cards and other elements randomly generate a huge map. On the basis of your choices at the beginning of the game, you can explore the map by battling and completing various tasks.
  • Richer tactical joys under the high degree of freedom; Your choices would change the ending – Players have greater interactivity and more freedom to explore the paper cut-out map, and your choices and achievements will influence the ending.
  • Papercraft requires you to choose different tactic combinations according to the enemies and random content in different levels. The randomly generated game content includes over ten different endings that make sure players will have a fresh gaming experience in every adventure they undertake.

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