Enter the Gungeon Final Free Expansion “A Farewell to Arms” Announced, Launches April 5

Dodge Roll Games have announced via the final piece of free DLC/update will be coming to Enter the Gungeon.

The new update, “A Farewell to Arms”, will launch April 5th. Dave Crooks (a designer at Dodge Roll Games) spoke on the PlayStation Blog.

“Next month marks the three-year anniversary of the initial release of Enter the Gungeon on PlayStation 4, and the release of its final update A Farewell to Arms. And yes, it is free. It has been quite a ride over the last few years, but we are finally at the closing chapter of Enter the Gungeon. We wanted to take some time to go over what is new in the Farewell to Arms update before it arrives on April 5, and thank you all once again for supporting Dodge Roll.”

Crooks explains how the initial plan grew and grew, until the expansion was more comparable to the first update the game had (Supply Drop). He states how the developers did not want it to just be a new Paradox character along with some news guns and items.

“The content included carries the weight of the end of an arc, the very legacy of the game. That is to say: we wanted to make sure Enter the Gungeon went out with a bang.”

The expansion will come with a second new character with a “wild” starting item and a new variant of “a very powerful enemy.”

Further, the expansion shall contain  a new secret floor “with its own very special boss that we really can’t wait for the community to experience (make sure you have your sound on!)”

“This boss is in some ways the ultimate form of every joke or reference in Enter the Gungeon. It holds a particular place in our hearts, and it is something we probably would never have been able to do if you all hadn’t helped make Enter the Gungeon the success it has become. Thank you, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.”

In addition, the expansion will introduce a new NPC- Bowler- that is related to a new gameplay mode inspired by the community called Rainbow Mode. This mode will be compatible with other modifiers such as the new Paradox character, challenge mode, and turbo mode.

“When you play a run in this mode, at the beginning of each floor a Rainbow chest will drop, from which you can only take one gun or item. However, these are the only items you will get other than pick-ups and Master Rounds for the whole run – so choose wisely.”

Several fixes are also planned for the update, including:

  • Performance improvements
  • Boss Health Bars will turn transparent when you walk under them
  • Rewards for killing Pedestal and wall mimics
  • Certain rare NPCs are “somewhat less rare”
  • The boss DPS cap is “ever-so-slightly” weaker
  • Rebalancing that buffs “several of the less interesting low-tier items”, along with some drastically changing their function. Red Chest tier loot is now “more consistently good”.

Crooks explains more time has been put into playtesting this update as “our last update came out of the gate a little rockier than we would like to admit.”

Finally, Crooks once again thanks the community for the support:

“Enter the Gungeon has been so much more successful than we ever dreamed to imagine. Its success has changed our lives and allowed us to support it for years with free content, which in turn has made the game much better than it was at launch. The Gungeon community has been nothing short of inspiring, and in our opinion, it continues to be one of the nicest game communities we have ever interacted with. Personally, it never gets old to read the fan theories, or see the awesome fanart. The fact that there are still so many people interested in Gungeon three years in is truly amazing. Thank you sincerely, form everyone at Dodge Roll for the support of this game, thank you for laughing at our puns, and enjoying, or at least tolerating, our Die Hard, Metal Gear and other references.

Enter the Gungeon is Dodge Roll’s first real game release and while we are very proud of the game, we are also extremely excited to move on to new projects full time. Hopefully we will be able to apply all we’ve learned during Gungeon’s development to make something even better. If you enjoyed Enter the Gungeon, we sincerely hope you will check out whatever we make in the future, Gungeon-related or otherwise. This may be the end of Enter the Gungeon, but the Gungeon remains.

Thank you for playing.”

You can find screenshots for the upcoming expansion below:

Enter the Gungeon is currently available for Windows PC (via GOG and Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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