Party Hard 2 Gets New DLC, Level Editor

Pinokl Games and tinyBuild have released a new DLC pack for their stealth-based party crasher, Party Hard 2.

The Alien Butt Form DLC adds five new maps, three new playable characters, new items and weapons, and new abilities. The DLC costs $6.99, and will be 30% off until the 26th. You can watch a trailer for the new DLC above.

This DLC coincides with the addition of a built-in level editor to the base game. The level editor features Steam Workshop support, allowing creators to easily share their maps with other players on Steam.

Here’s a rundown of the new content:

“Something has been very wrong with parties in the city of Aho Bay recently. Who really controlled Party Hard Killer? Why it took so long for the police to catch him? Where are those tentacles grow from, for Christ’s sake? Find out in this brand new DLC, fueled by booze and hilarity.

3 new playable characters (available for the main campaign!):

  • Marena: Party Hard Killer’s girlfriend, a hard-drinking dancer who can knock folks out cold with her bare hands
  • Mango: crazy Jack Russell Terrier who runs away from his annoyed owner, electrocuting folks along the way
  • Froger Delirium: giant frog guy who sees the world through the haze of rapture and sends folks flying on balloons

5 new maps—a local eatery turned into a crime scene, a partygoer-infested parking lot, and a giant flying saucer among them
New items & weapons: baseball bat, love potion, and… um… slippers?
New abilities: devour items to replenish your skill and get likes for kills”

Party Hard 2 is available on Windows PC via Steam and GOG for $19.99. The Steam version is currently 50% off until the 22nd.

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