World War Z Developer Diary

Focus Home Interactive have just released a Developer Diary from Saber Interactive, detailing their work on World War Z.

The video delves into how the 2013 film inspired team with the famous scenes of zombies swarming over everything like a tidal wave. Along with wanting to create a “thrilling action experience”, the team created new characters and storylines that fit within the universe.

The game’s “Swarm Engine” allows zombies to move as a collective horde, as well as breaking off into individuals- much like the film. There are also six classes to choose from in four-player co-op campaigns, and team-based “Players vs. Players vs. Zombies (PvPvZ) multiplayer.”

World War Z is launching for Windows PC (via Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 16th.

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Ryan Pearson


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