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Lovecraftian J-pop Puzzle Game “Akashicforce” Gets a Western Release

Fruitbat Factory have announced a western release for Akashicforce.

The “lovecraft-esque puzzle/action/fighting/rhythm game” is launching March 29th on Windows PC (via Steam) and other undisclosed platforms.

Instead of blocks, the game utilizes balls with “spongey” physics. In addition, you can disrupt your foes by sending over junk and even destroying your opponents blocks as they fall. The game also has six playable characters.

Finally, the game switches up genres mid-game. Completing short rhythm-game like sections, the player can hammer their opponent with special effects. The game will have local split-screen multiplayer, with English and Japanese language support.

Those who pre-order the game via Fruitbat Factory’s store will get 25% off. A demo will also become available on the game’s release.

You can find the full run-down and screenshots below:

∀kashicforce is a puzzle-game-like, rhythm-game-like game where you input commands to use moves like in a fighting game. The goal is to crush your opponent to a pulp with an immense amount of blocks. In order to put yourself in a better position, kill your opponent’s blocks while they are falling down or send Hindrance blocks into their field.

[Log No.891247:817:38:00]
We have confirmed an exponential increase in Anonymous-class Enemies in the “Kestrel” division. Cause unknown at the moment. The division superintendent is currently dealing with them and investigating the cause.

[Log No.891247:817:38:01]
The Kestrel division superintendent sent assistance requests to adjacent divisions. Later, additional assistance was confirmed. The situation is anticipated to be fully taken care of and subdued shortly.

[Log No.891247:817:38:02]
The Kestrel division superintendent proposed the anti-Enemy squad a plan similar to a game.
As one of the basic rules, the number of Enemies killed inside of the specified fields defines victory and defeat. Refer to the attached for details. Pending approval.

Key Features:

  • A unique mix of different game genres
  • 6 playable characters
  • Local split-screen multiplayer
  • English and Japanese language support
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