Details on Indie Cold War Switchboard Management “Cold Calling” Surface

[Editor’s Note: The above video is from an earlier demo from December 2018.]

Can’t Get Enough Games have shared some new info on their upcoming game Cold Calling.

Th game is a mix of puzzle, comedy, and visual novel. You have to connect switchboard circuits to make sure calls connect between world leaders, and with a few laughs over the cold war.

Cold Calling is coming soon to Windows PC and Android.

You can find the full run-down below:

November, 1962: The height of the Cold War. Mere months after the Cuban Missile Crisis, a new international entanglement is about to go nuclear. As the
new White House switchboard operator, it’s your job to make sure long-distance negotiations don’t go south. Get ready to phone it in.

In Cold Calling , you take control of a telephone switchboard and are tasked with routing diplomatic calls between the United States and the Soviet Union. Along the way you’ll meet the game’s cast of caricatured world leaders, and using a mysterious “Time Phone” will be able to talk to famous figures of the past. Using loose wires on the switchboard, you will have to juggle oncoming waves of calls and guide them safely from caller to recipient. The fast-paced puzzle gameplay is punctuated with hilarious exchanges between characters in a globetrotting adventure where your choices affect the outcome of the story.

● Fast-paced, frantic puzzle gameplay that starts simple and ramps up
● A visual novel adventure full of absurd, charming characters from
American and Russian history.
● Multiple endings, determined by who you choose to route certain
important calls to.
● Beautiful stylized pixel art inspired by 1960’s design.
● Original soundtrack inspired by classic film scores.

Awards and Recognition
● Prototype won audience vote and judges’ vote at DePaul University’s 2018 Global Game Jam competition.
● Early demo won first place at the Logan Theatre’s Playtest Party in November 2018.

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