Metro Exodus Artyom Custom Edition Detailed, Only Ten Available

Deep Silver has produced a trailer detailing a special edition of Metro Exodus, starring Dmitry Glukhovsky- the author of the original Metro stories.

The Artyom Custom Edition is limited to a mere ten copies; to be handed out at various promotions in the coming weeks.

Each edition comes with a certificate of authenticity “personally signed” by Glukhovsky and Andrew ‘Prof’ Prokhorov (Creative Director and co-founder of developer 4A Games). In addition, the special edition contains much of Artyom’s gear:

  • A fully-functional, hand-made Nixie Watch.
  • A Gas Mask and Filter.
  • A working Bullet Lighter made from a decommissioned shell.
  • A hand-made steel Spartan dog tag to be engraved with the recipient’s name
  • A leather map case and map of the Aurora’s journey
  • A Steel Ammo Crate container for the whole thing.

“We worked with the renowned craftsmen at DB Props, based in the world famous Shepperton Studios to source and manufacture the ultimate collection for Metro fans,” said Huw Beynon (Head of Global Brand Management at Deep Silver).

“Each item is either an authentic real-world object or has been hand-made to re-create 4A’s original designs. We knew we could never do Artyom’s signature Nixie watch justice with a replica; so we decided to make them for real.”

All we know right now is one of the special editions is being held at 4A Games. We will keep you informed as we learn more. You can find a pack-shot of the special edition below:

In case you missed it, you can find our thorough hands-on preview for the game here.

Metro Exodus will be launching across Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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