HuniePop 2 Voice Actress Cast Revealed

HuniePot has issued another Hunie Direct showing off the new voice actresses for the cast of HuniePop 2.

All of the voice clips in the above video come from the voice actress’ audition (bar Lola and Jessie), and so the audio quality is stated to be not representative of the final game. We would also like to point out the audio in the above video can be NSFW at times.

While not listed, Jaclyn Aimee is reprising her role of Kyu. The full cast are as follows:

  • Lola: Kira Buckland
  • Jessie: Amanda Berning
  • Lillian: Amber Leigh
  • Zoey: Amber “FoxyLee” May
  • Sarah: Skyler Davenport
  • Lailani: Sarah Weidenheft
  • Candace: Melody Muze
  • Nora: Samantha Brentmoor
  • Brooke: Krystal LePort
  • Ashley: Aika Intong
  • Abia: Elsie Lovelock
  • Polly: Marissa Lenti

So what do you all think of the casting? Sound off in the comments below!

HuniePop 2 is set to release 2019 on Windows PC and Mac.

Ryan Pearson


Taking his first steps onto Route 1 and never stopping, Ryan has had a love of RPGs since a young age. Now he's learning to appreciate a wider pallet of genres and challenges.

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