Beyond Good and Evil 2 Requires an Internet Connection, Even for Solo Players

While concrete details regarding Beyond Good and Evil 2 are still a bit in the air, we’ve learned the game has another kind of DRM – a mandatory internet connection.

A new Q&A was published on the game’s official website, where a fan asked if the game would require an internet connection of any kind – even if they were playing by themselves. The developer responded:

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an online, multiplayer game with a rich co-op and seamless experience. As such, the game will only be playable with an internet connection in order to have seamless navigation, receive dynamic updates, and play with friends (which is certainly better when you’re playing as a Space Pirate!),” the developer noted.

“The choice to play co-op, however, remains yours to make, so playing BGE2 solo is absolutely possible if you’re into that lone Space Pirate kinda thing…”

Currently, there’s no release window or development platforms confirmed for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Brandon Orselli


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