Niche Spotlight – Zero-K: Massive and Customizable RTS, Entirely Free

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Today’s Spotlight is Zero-K, a completely free large-scale RTS made by a small team of indie developers whose only motivation is a love of the genre.

Zero-K is essentially a modern interpretation of Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander. Build massive armies of tanks, robots, jets, and ships to wage war on an intergalactic scale. You can find a trailer for the game above.

The main focus of the game is its online multiplayer, which supports everything from competitive 1v1 engagements, to chaotic 32-player wars. If multiplayer isn’t your thing, however, there’s also a campaign, AI skirmish battles, and a survival mode.

Zero-K is available on Widows PC via Steam, and as I said, its completely free. If you love the game and want to support it, then you can donate money to the developers in the DLC tab on the Steam page.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Zero-K is a Real Time Strategy game set near the end of the universe. Manipulate the terrain, set things on fire, fight epic battles over land, air and sea. Conquer the galaxy, solo or co-op, in over 70 campaign missions. Hop online for tense 1v1 or massive battles with up to 32 players.

Key Features:

  • Traditional real time strategy with physically simulated units and projectiles.
  • 100+ varied units with abilities including terrain manipulation, cloaking and jumpjets.
  • 70+ mission galaxy-spanning campaign to be enjoyed solo or co-op with friends.
  • Challenging, (non-cheating) skirmish AI and survival mode.
  • Multiplayer 1v1 – 16v16, FFA, coop. ladders, replays, spectators and tournaments.
  • PlanetWars – A multiplayer online campaign planned to start in May.
  • Really free, no paid advantages, no unfair multiplayer.

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Frank Streva


Niche Gamer’s resident indie expert. Digs through the Steam new releases so you don’t have to. Massive fan of miniature and board games as well.