Street Fighter V to Add In-Game Ads for DLC

Capcom have revealed that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will soon be adding in-game adverts for downloadable content.

Posting to Capcom Unity, Andy Wong detailed how “Sponsored Content” would work.

“Sponsored content will be displayed in several locations in-game to remind you about costumes, bundles, and the Capcom Pro Tour. When Sponsored Content is enabled, players can obtain additional Fight Money in Ranked and Casual Matches – these bonuses come with an upper limit.”

The adverts will appear on loading screens, in the background of certain stages (like Ring of Power- click the image below to enlarge) or even on the fighter’s costumes (as can be seen in the images above and below).

This can be disabled, however players do not then get “bonus Fight Money in Ranked and Casual Matches”.

Some of the community have become quite upset over the news. The comment section to the blog post showed many player’s dissatisfaction:

“this its so wrong in many levels, first the nerf of the 5000 weekly fm story quest by half, now you guys want to put ads on a 60 dollar game.”

“ads on my 60 dollar game? I gonna quote a certain someone from not long ago in a press conference from a certain video game:
“Is this an off season april 1st joke?” “

“We have achieved Neopets status, slap some Cartoon Network logos on my character!”

A user on /r/Street Fighter posted:

“In game advertisements is ABSURD. “But they can be disabled”. It doesn’t matter that they can be disabled – it’s wrong to incentivize your users to expose themselves to ads in a game they payed full money for, on top of dlc, in order to earn fight money at a rate they were 2 years ago before the nerf.

“But its only for the capcom pro tour” Wrong. I have no doubt we will be seeing RedBull advertisements and other pro tour sponsors plastered all over our characters with this. Where do you draw the line? Nissin Cup of Noodles? Netflix? Political Ads?

It sacrifices the integrity of the characters. If there was any evidence that capcom doesn’t give a shit about a brand anymore, them destroying icons like Ryu with tacky nascar logos is it. These screen shots look terrible, I can only see it being worse when they hotswap these icons with things that fit even less so. Payed 5$ for a skin? Splat have a cup of noodles on it.

I have no doubt every stream setup will be mandatory have this enabled.”

We will keep you posted as this story develops.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now for Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

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