Rumor: Metroid Prime Trilogy Coming to Switch

We have learned that the Metroid Prime Trilogy may get a Switch port.

The news comes via Swedish retailer Inet (thanks, Pixelbuster), who listed the game on its store. You may not be able to access the page depending on where you live.

The user goes on to theorize the game will debut at The Game Awards on December 6th. The store page uses an older trailer from the Wii edition of the game via IGN, which may lend some credence to the theory. Regular “industry insiders” are also pointing to a Switch port for the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

A re-release of the trilogy for Switch makes sense considering a fourth game, Metroid Prime 4, is currently in development for Switch.

As with any rumor, take this with a grain of salt. We’ll keep you guys posted.

Editor’s Note: We know this is a featured image from Other M. If this re-release happens, it will presumably be an HD remaster, so we simply wanted to envision what that would look like.

Ryan Pearson


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